EBH Enviornmental Services Concrete Recycling Trucks

Quality Assurance Statement

EBH Environmental Services is committed to providing quality products and services that meet and exceed the expectations of our customers through ongoing improvements to our quality management system.

Our aim is to operation a financially viable business for the benefit of our customers.

EBH Environmental Services will achieve this aim by:

The promotion of a close and producting relationship with our clients to recognise their changing needs, and to establish the quality requirements of our products and services.

Training our staff in all activities that affect quality, to ensure that all personnel meet the statutory and regulatory requirements applicable to the work they undertake.

Promoting close co-operation with organisations to ensure that incoming products are supplied to agreed specifications.

Operating a quality management system that will meet the requirements, certified to the Australian Quality Standards AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000

We regard the above points as crucial to improving the business performance of EBH Environmental Services.

Environmental Policy Statement

EBH Environmental Services is committed to providing employees and the wider community a level of environmental management and control that is in line with community expectations, legal and license requirements.

EBH Environmental Services shall endeavour to ensure best practice environmental management that applies to all their respective workplaces, personnel, contractors and suppliers.

It is the aim of EBH Environmental Services to comply with all relevant environmental legislation by ensuring that sound environmental management systems are in place and all management and employees are aware of their responsibilities and are provided with the knowledge and resources to meet our obligations.

Our commitment will be demonstrated by maintaining procedures and to minimise our impact on the environment and prevent pollution through minimising waste, and the principals of re-use and recycling with full co-operation of employees at all levels within the organisation.

Occupational Health & Safety Policy Statement

EBH Environmental Services Pty Ltd is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace that will contribute to the well-being of all for employees, visitors and contractors.

The Occupational Health & Safety standards and legal requirements to be met are those specified in the relevant legislation, codes of practice, standards and policies adopted by EBH Environmental Services.

Management of Occupational Health & Safety is an integral part of management responsibilities and applies to all areas of operation within EBH Environmental Services.

The managing director has a responsibility to ensure that resources are provided for the maintaining and review of the Occupational Health & Safety program, and to place the importance of health and safety of employees, visitors and contractors ahead of the organisation's assets and service.

Risk management and participation of employees through consultation are key elements of an effecitve Occupational Health & Safety system and shall be promoted as will the provision of structured training, workplace instruction and leadership to our employees to enable them to work safely.

A system of accurate reporting and recording which is upheld by the management and employees shall be maintained.

All employees and contractors having a responsibility to take reasonable care for their own and fellow employees well being.

EBH Environmental Services is committed to continuous improvement in Health & Safety practices through annual self-audits and ongoing management participation.

Occupational Health & Safety Consultation Policy

EBH Environmental Services is committed to protecting the health and safety of all our employees. Injury and illness is needless, costly and preventable.

Our company will consult our employees in implementing safety practices and systems that will ensure the health, safety and welfare of our employees.

Employee involvement at all levels is critical for ensuring a safe workplace.

An OHS representative will be elected to promote safety and health in the workplace.


The OHS Representative that has been elected by employees in accordance with the procedures agreed between EBH Environmental Services and their employees for a two year term.

The OHS Representative is responsible for raising specific health and safety issues that arise in relation to the employees in their workgroup.

Employees should raise OHS issues directly with the Managing Director or their OHS Representative.

Where the OHS Representative cannot resolve an OHS issue it has been agreed that they will refer it to the Managing Director.


When an OSH issue is raised either by the company or an employee, the OHS Representative will consult members of their workgroup.

The OHS Representative will also fee back to the Managing Director.

Employees should draw to the attention of the Managing Director or the OHS Representative any health and safety concerns that they have aobu the workplace so the issue can be promptly addressed.


EBH Environmental Services discussed establishing consultation arrangements with its employees in February 2003 and it was agree to establish OHS Representatives.


It has been agreed by EBH Environmental Services and their employees that these OHS Consultation arrangements will be monitored and reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure that consultation with all employees is effective and that all safety issues are being addressed.


EBH Environmental Services is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment and a structured injury management program to minimise absence from work due to illness and injury.

EBH Environmental Services is committed to providing suitable duties for an injured worker, ensuring that participation in a return to work program will not prejudice an injured or ill employee and expects all employees to cooperate with our rehabilitation efforts.

Early commencement will ensure that the occupational rehabilitation process will reinstate incapacitated employees to the fullest working capacity possible consistant with medical judgement.

Furthermore, EBH Environmental Services shall consult with employees and, if required, the relevant industrial unions that represent them and third party rehabilitation providers to ensure that our return to work and rehabilitation programs operate effectively.